Photo of Border Collie running in sand with its tongue hanging out

Zoomies Recipe

Zoomies Recipe 
“Zoomies” is a term that refers to a dog zooming around a space like they’re on fire! The dog intensely dashes back and forth, round and round, and so forth. Zoomies usually last a few minutes. When you dog does this in-doors, this is where our recipe comes in. 

  • As soon as the zoomies begin, move all breakable stuff out of the way such as a lamp or vase on a side/end table.

  • Move your kids out of the way so that the dig can freely do its thing and no one gets hurt.

  • Make sure that your dog gets daily exercise like a walk around the neighborhood or a run in the backyard.


What do veterinarians say about zoomies?

Vets assure people that dogs release some of their energy with occasional zoomies. No biggie. If you did your own review of voices across vets, you’ll see that some pathologize or want to psychologically assess dogs to double check whether the zoomies are actually zoomies or something else. When zoomies happen occasionally and you know that your dog is getting exercise everyday, reading-up on writings by various vets won’t scare you.