Diatomaceous Earth in a wooden bowl sitting on a table

Resolve Worms and Other Parasites Recipe

  • 1 teaspoon of food grade diatomaceous earth (DE)  inside the dog’s food. There are many ways to do this. For example, put the DE in capsules and then into hotdog pieces, or mix the DE with coconut oil and fold into the dog’s food.


  • Warning: Use food grade DE only like this one. If you pick up DE from the hardware store, it is mixed with deadly chemicals.


  • Give this to your dog for at least twice a day for 3 days to get rid of the immediate worms. If you want to prevent future worms, give the DE to your dog daily.


  • Time: This recipe seems to take about 1-min to put the DE into capsules per teaspoon, might want to spend 10-mins making a batch of capsules.


  • Additional ideas: Give your dog Lactic Acid Yeast for a week, 3 a day. Or even continue to give Lactic Acid Yeast as a daily supplement to promote a strong microbiome. Activated charcoal is also an option to use as an alternative to DE or alongside DE; activated charcoal brands are not all equal and, therefore, we recommend this particular brand. 


  • After the week, give 1+ a day as a regular digestion supporter (our pup drops 3-4 poops a day when we give these for three consecutive days… good for humans, too!).



Why does DE work on parasites?

DE looks like a white powder and comes from fossilized algae called diatoms. DE is very fine and structurally it has two VERY helpful characteristics. First, DE is full of Silica which is used to build hair, skin, and nails. Second, under a microscope, DE is very hard with sharp edges. This makes the powder get into the bodies of parasites and make cuts into them, suffocating and killing the bugs. 

DE is also commonly used in farming for chickens and other outdoor animals. Farmers can keep their livestock free of parasites and free of constant doses of pharmaceutical medicines. Humans use DE all of the time, too. Check out this helpful resource at the WellnessMama



Also check out the science on this recipe:

McLean, B., Frost, D., Evans, E., Clarke, A., & Griffiths, B. (2005). The inclusion of diatomaceous earth in the diet of grazing ruminants and its effect on gastrointestinal parasite burdens. ADAS Agricultural Research and Consulting Report.



This content is in no way is a diagnosis or a prescription for your dog’s health issues. Please see a licensed veterinarian for treatment.