About Latinas and Dogs


Latinas and Dogs amplifies the natural, holistic work that many of us Latinas are already using with our four-legged kin. We make easy, natural, ancestral solutions accessible to Latinas across the Americas.




We launched Latinas and Dogs when we discovered the absence of Latina voices on natural dog care. Latinas, and women more broadly, have a long history of caring for and collaborating with dogs. Check-out the history below.    Latinas and Dogs focuses on getting recipes and other resources to you in order to address the natural care needs of the dogs in our lives. The recipes and resources are for all types of Latina lifestyles like those who live in cityscapes, rural spaces, in big families, and solo Latinas.





Dog domestication, from their wolf ancestors to our very different breeds today, is not totally understood by scientists. However, there are many things scientists are sure about regarding our relationships with dogs!

For example, us women and our dogs have been painted, buried together, and sculpted for thousands of years.



In northern Israel, archaeologists discovered the remains of a 12,000-year-old Natufian woman with her hand resting on a pet puppy, at the ‘Ain Mallaha site. This is one of the first known remains related to dog domestication. ( The Israel Museum, Jerusalem ) Thank you to Ancient Origins for sharing this picture and description.



In our Aztec informed societies, dogs play a major role. For example, the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City has great statues and images of dogs as our pets, even mummified dogs as part of burial and transitioning between worlds. Check-out these pictures.  


Beyond Aztec cultures, our North American brothers and sisters from indigenous nations maintained dogs for companionship, protection, and work. Check-out the history here




Next Steps

If you’re ready to find out more about Latinas and Dogs, check out our Uh Oh page (with helpful tips and insights about common mishaps when you live with dogs) or our Philanthropy page!