These strategies are not transferable to your mom‘s house that smells like oil and tortillas, you know. Once your place has a smell in its walls, don’t bother.
It’s about early intervention! There are three things that you can do before you stop noticing how stinky your place it! These three things can resolve issues surrounding smelling like dog hair and skin as well as smelling like dog pee. None of these are OK! Not ever!
What to do:
Enzymes: First, get yourself an enzyme spray, all natural like this one. It eats up odor-causing critters. Once or twice a month spray everywhere that your dog hangs out. Spray at night so there’s time for it to sit and do its work without being interrupted. Then anything that smelled like a dog will disappear overnight.
Baths: Second, wash your dog. For real. Give her a bath once a month. There’s no way around this. Use baby shampoo and conditioner that gently cleans their skin and butt. This should only take 10 minutes or less. Using an all natural baby shampoo and conditioner like this one is ideal for our canine kin who have delicate skin; don’t put toxins on your dog!
Pee: Third, your dog should simply not pee in your place! Not on a pee pad, not on the carpet, not anywhere! Here is a resource for making sure your puppy or new to you dog learns immediately where pissing is and is not acceptable in terms of keeping tabs on them and reprimand. For example, in my dog’s two years with us, she has peed in our apartment twice. Once I let her stay indoors too long, my fault. Once she got so excited from a visitor that she peed by the front door. Aside from these two situations, we use this resource and it helped so much.