Photo of reddish-brown dog with curly tail standing on a concrete ledge with a red and white concrete wall and beach in background

Travel with Dogs Recipe

Taking your dog on a trip with you? For a day, a few days, or a whole bunch of time? Here’s the recipe geared for you so you don’t lose your mind:


  • Don’t bring squeaky toys; that’ll drive you crazy real fast. 

  • If you haven’t used a collar zapper thing, then think about it. If your dog barks too much you might lose it or make hotel peeps real mad. There are various types that aren’t harsh. 

  • Consider a travel kennel for your dog to sleep in if she doesn’t already. If you’re sharing a hotel room, or whatever, with your dog, she might roam the freaking place all night as she acclimates. If you wake-up over and over to her roaming, you’re not going ot be happy in the morning. 

  • For the car ride, you can even put your dog in the kennel to keep them instructed on the plan (i.e. “You sit here and chill.”). 

  • Make sure that if you have a long drive, you schedule stops for everyone to use the restroom, get some water, and stretch. 



Now for your dog:
  • Pack the obvious stuff like food, gallon jug of filtered water, bedding, and a few toys. 

  • When you leave the dog alone in the hotel room, leave the TV on for him so he has a distraction from the new noises in the space. Even leave a toy like peanut butter in a kong so they have an hour or more of distraction in this new, strange place.

  • Stick to the routine as much as you can. For example, if your dog is used to a morning walk, work that in so there mental health is on point. They have feelings too. Have you ever seen your dog lose it? My house plants have. 


Taking your dog on an airplane:


  • Airlines require a specific type of travel kennel if your dog is going to travel with luggage. Something like this one with a hard plastic structure. Also, most of the time, you cannot allow any toys inside of the kennel. Read about this on the website of the airline. 

  • Airlines allow softer carriers like shoulder bags like this one. There are restrictions about the dog size and whether or not the dog is a registered service animal. Read about this on the website of the airline.

  • After you book your flight online, you must call to add your dog to your travel itinerary. This is straight forward, but you must make time to make this call to the airlines. However, you could simply use a travel agency or call the airline directly to book everything at the same time. 

  • Plan to arrive earlier than usual to the airport and longer for picking up any luggage and your precious dog. Your time at the airports will be longer than usual. 


Millions of U.S. families travel with their dogs. It’s kind of amazing. This means that there are hotels out there for you. There are also hundreds of unnecessary gadgets that you can buy. If you can leave your dog at home, do that; it’s way easier. However, if you have the need, then this recipe is for you. Also, service dogs and their human families become pro travelers. In fact, if you know anyone who is going to have a service dog, Guide Dogs of America has important information and resources for connecting to others with deep insights on travel dynamics specific to service animals and their human families.