Bottle of peppermint oil surrounded by mint leaves

Toothpaste Recipe



  • When the mix turns into a paste, you have an easy, effective toothpaste.


  • Time: 2-3 minutes to mix the ingredients.


  • Recommendation: Using a soft bristle toothpaste, smear the toothpaste everywhere on your pup’s teeth while sweet talking her.


  • Recommendation: Start brushing your pup’s teeth when they are babies so that they are used to the practice and hold still for the process as they grow up. 




Studies show that calcium hydroxyapatite remineralizes tooth enamel. This means that the paste can act as a cleaning agent while the hydroxyapatite ingredient helps your pup from getting rotten or weakened teeth.

Sending your dog to have her teeth cleaned or removed at a veterinarian clinic is financially and emotionally costly for your familia.  

Some investment in making this toothpaste and sitting down for 3-5 minutes to brush your dog’s teeth means that you can access the benefits that science shows us about keeping your dog’s teeth strong. 



This content is in no way is a diagnosis or a prescription for your dog’s health issues. Please see a licensed veterinarian for treatment.