Photo of White Fluffy dog on blue couch with a rope toy

Know What Your Dog Likes Recipe

If your dog has to stay indoors a lot:

  • Most dog puzzles suck. They entertain your dog’s brain for about 2-minutes. Make-up your own with an empty toilet paper roll and some peanut butter. Spread the peanut butter on the inside… she might even eat the whole thing. This will keep her busy and is low cost. Even your kids or nephews can make this happen. 

  • Only get your dog a squeaky toy if you don’t have to listen to it all of the time!!!!

  • Bull penises are a thing. Pure, natural options (without a bunch of chemicals that you wouldn’t want to eat), can get costly. However, all dogs love them. Check-out this option by Cadet.

  • Leave PBS kids cartoon shows on the TV when the dog is alone for a long time. 

  • Get bird feeders so that your dog can watch from the window and dream about eating them. 



If your dog can roam around a fenced yard:

  • Collect sticks and branches from your or neighbors’ property. Let your dog snack on these. Maybe even rub some butter on a branch!

  • Get bird feeders so that your dog can watch and dream about eating them. 

  • Grow native flowering plants that attract butterflies. Puppies love to chase butterflies. 

  • If you don’t have to listen to her play, get her a squeaky toy for her own obsession. 


Do dogs need to be entertained or stimulated?

Researchers show us that all dogs, even our aged ones, need stimulation for their minds. In fact, studies show that keeping dogs mentally engaged improves their bodies’ longevity. Pretty cool. Ultimately, brain entertainment shows to be important for our mammal companions.