Photo of a hand holding a white and yellow plastic bag of Mary Tylor Naturals' Organic Shea Butter

Heal Raw or Broken Skin Recipe



  • Melt and mix 2 parts raw Shea butter with 1 part coconut oil. 


  • When the mix cools, you have a balm for gently rubbing on the raw skin. 


  • Recommendation: Apply when the dog is sleepy or heading to bed for the night so that s/he does not lick all the balm off. 


  • Time: This recipe takes about 20-minutes. After melting and stirring the ingredients, then letting the mixture cool, you will need to put the balm into an airtight container. 


Shea butter comes from the shea tree native to Africa. It is solid and heavy at room temperature. Mostly, this rich butter is used topically, but it is okay for animals to lick off their paws if they can’t help it. 


Also check out the science on this recipe:

Israel, M. O. (2014). Effects of topical and dietary use of shea butter on animals. Am J Life Sci, 2(5), 303-307. 



This content is in no way is a diagnosis or a prescription for your dog’s health issues. Please see a licensed veterinarian for treatment.