Photo of dog clippers on carpet next to a pile of shaved dog hair

Grooming At Home Recipe

So you want to try trimming and buzzing your dog. Maybe you don’t have time to make appointments and do a pick-up/drop-off. What ever the reason, es no importa. 


  • For trimming and buzzing, your hairy dog (fur dogs just shed), it is a straight forward process. This recipe provides a few recommendations and warnings.

  • Get a buzzer like this one that is cordless and it comes with a pair of scissors. 

  • Ideally, do the grooming on a tile floor, wood floor, or on a pee pad because it is easier to clean up the hair later and if your dog is nervous and pees on the floor, then that’s easier to clean up on tile, too.

  • Warning: Go slowly with scissors. Dogs have so many curves and loose skin. Also, always put your fingers between their skin and the scissors like when you go get your own hair trimmed at a salon.

  • Another warning: Go slowly with buzzing, especially if your dog has a tangled mess of hair. If you don’t have the time all at once, you may have to buzz half the dog one day and the other half the second day.


  • Tip on Tangles: If your dog has long hair that is tangled, spray her hair with a children’s detangler like this one which is all natural. Viola! 

  • Time: We call it quits in this recipe after 30-minutes.

What about nails?

  • For nail trimming, it’s straight forward. Here are a few recommendations and warnings.

  • Ideally, do the nail trimming on a tile floor, wood floor, or on a pee pad because it is easier to clean up if your dog is nervous and pees.

  • And another warning: You must have good lighting so that you can see your dog’s vein in the nail. Even with dark nails, you can see the vein when you have the right lighting. Also, have on hand Styptic in case you cut your dog’s vein (ouch). This stuff will stop the bleeding quickly. We’ve never cut a nail vein, so go slowly and you won’t either. See our full recipe on Dog Nail Trimming.

  • Time: Takes less than 10-minutes even going slowly. Pretty easy. 



Why do I need to do anything about dog grooming, myself or taking my dog in?

The veterinarian world points out that things like brushing your dog’s hair and/or keeping their hair short reduces their own hairballs from licking and grooming themselves. Also, trimming and grooming around your dog’s eyes helps reduce their amount of eye boogers that get stuck to them; don’t let them look goofy like that. 

This content is in no way is a diagnosis or a prescription for your dog’s health issues. Please see a licensed veterinarian for treatment.