Bottle of peppermint oil surrounded by mint leaves

Freshen Bad Breath Recipe



  • When the mix cools, you have a simple solution: Give the dog a small spoon of the mix a few times a day.


  • Time: Coconut oil melts fast with low heat. Put the mixture in a small, airtight container. All together, this recipe will take you about 5-minutes.


  • Recommendation: Would you have bad breath if you ate what the dog was eating? If so, consider swapping in dog food sourced directly from the Earth such as ground beef, rich, and frozen veggie mix. Or check out this expensive but pure option.


  • Recommendation: How funky are the dog’s teeth? If there is any funk sitting on the teeth, this will be part of the bad breath problem. Get some chew sticks like bull penises for the dog to gnaw on and this will help scrape the teeth clean without you having to brush the dog’s teeth… cuz who wants to do that on their free time?




Food grade peppermint essential oil is lovely and powerful. It is shown in research to be antimicrobial and antiviral. Then there is coconut oil. Coconut oil, particularly in its pure and natural form (i.e. virgin unrefined), is a yummy addition for animals and humans. It is 80-90% saturated fat and has chemical properties that travel to the liver and give us energy. Harvard University has more to say on this topic. 


Also check out the science on this recipe:

Thosar, N., Chandak, M., Bhat, M., & Basak, S. (2016). In vitro antimicrobial efficacy of zinc oxide with peppermint oil in comparison to zinc oxide eugenol against four root canal microorganisms. Journal of Medical and Dental Science Research, 3(9), 53-58.



This content is in no way is a diagnosis or a prescription for your dog’s health issues. Please see a licensed veterinarian for treatment.