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Fix Stinky Ears Recipe

  • A half teaspoon of food grade hydrogen peroxide is magical inside the dog’s ears. Be sure to use food grade hydrogen peroxide like this one; before you use it, dilute the hydrogen peroxide to 3%.

  • Use twice a day for 3 days if your dog’s ears are seriously stinky. Going forward, as soon as there’s a slightly smelly ear, use this recipe for 1-2 days.

  • Time: Once you have a bottle of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide in your refrigerator, then just grab a dropper and make it happen. This process takes 1-minute.

  • Warning: Your dog might not like stuff being put in its ear. Also, the hydrogen peroxide becomes bubbly in the ear, so the dog might be like “what the heck did you do?!” Don’t worry about it. Some humans even put this in their own ears. 



Why does 3% hydrogen peroxide work on stinky ears?

Stinky dog ears is typically caused by a yeast infection. Yuck! Did you notice that your dog scratches at their stinky ear? That’s because the yeast infection is itchy. Ah hum. The Cleveland Clinic also encourages swimmers (humans) to use this recipe on their own ears.