Photo of dog booties inside of a white bucket

Fix Stinky Dog Boots Recipe

If your dog wears shoes or boots, you might already know that the shoes and boots can get stinky from moisture and whatever tiny creatures are living in them. This recipe will solve the stink and you can use this recipe to prevent the stink.


We use an all natural approach to most-to-all of our recipes and this recipe is a perfect example as to why we choose ancestral ways rather than something from CVS. Dog paws can absorb whatever you expose them to; we want to encourage you to not to put toxic and inedible things on your dog’s paws.


  • In a small bucket, pour a cup of vinegar, any type, and put the dog shoes or boots into the bucket.


  • Add enough water to cover the dog boots or shoes.


  • Optional: Sprinkle in two to three drops of any essential oil that is antibacterial, antifungal, etc. like lavender. It is preferable to use ingestible essential oils that are medicinal grade since your dog might lick her paws soon after wearing her boots.


  • Leave the shoes or boots to soak for one hour or more. We leave the boots soaking overnight since the boots aren’t being used.  


  • When you’re done soaking the dog shoes or boots, rinse them quickly under the faucet and then you’re all done.


Why does a vinegar soak clean the stink?

Research shows that an vinegar, an acidic liquid, can kill bacteria and fungus. Whichever microbes are making your dog’s shoes or boots stinky, vinegar helps.


This content is in no way is a diagnosis or a prescription for your dog’s health issues. Please see a licensed veterinarian for treatment.