Photo of mummified dog wrapped in brown and tan linens

Death and Burial Recipe

We know of family and friends who handle this in various different ways. Variation in rituals can depend on whether children were part of care and loving the dog and so forth. This recipe provides a few ingredients that touch on a range of ways that you might handle the death and burial of your beloved dog. 


  • Option 1: Dig a deep grave for your dog in the backyard. Lots of families do this to stay close to their dog even after he transitions to the other side. Make sure it’s deep! A friend buried her too close to the surface and other dogs were fixated on digging up the dead body!

  • Option 2: Some of us might choose to cremate our dog’s remaining body. Cremation places will walk you through that.

  • Some of us have a very special way to say goodbye before we bury or cremate the dog. For example, laying flowers and favorite toys in the grave with the body can be helpful for us and the children involved.

  • Remember many of us have our Día de Los Muertos celebrations that include our kin who came with four legs.


There are many ways to transition your dog’s body after is passes. There are sometimes laws against burying your dog in your yard, but most of the time across the U.S., it is just fine. Check-out this vet discussion of options such as cremation versus burying in the backyard.