Photo of golden retriever in swimming pool with a black collar on and a purple toy in his mouth

Creative Games Recipe

Help your dog’s spirit to enjoy itself with easy, inexpensive games. This recipe prompts you to brainstorm what options exist around your apartment or house to serve as a game (i.e. materials, placement of materials, etc.). 

  • In a plastic cup, smear peanut butter along the interior. Then hide the cup under a couch or bed. Let the dog hunt and discover it on her own.

  • Place your dog’s favorite vegetable clippings in a pile on the patio or backyard. Let the dog hunt and discover the pile on her own.

  • Using small, kiddie, plastic cups, place a treat on the floor in the living room and cover it with a cup. Do this several times so that the dog has five to 10 cups to navigate to get her treats.

  • Pay the kid next door every morning to call your dog into the backyard and then throw a ball for him 10 times.


Do dogs need to be entertained or stimulated?

Researchers show us that all dogs, even our aged ones, need stimulation for their minds. In fact, studies show that keeping dogs mentally engaged improves their bodies’ longevity. Pretty cool. Ultimately, brain entertainment shows to be important for our mammal companions.